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It appears to be more conversations on social media about why the club isn’t clubin’ anymore. Many are weighting in on why there seems to be a decline in the nightlife culture nationwide. This article will take a look at some of the various factors people have on why the there’s a decline in the […]

Both Stefflon Don and Jada Kingdom will respond with numerous diss songs towards each other.

Kevin Hart Sues Tasha K for extortion. Kevin Hart is responding to Tasha K’s interview with his former assistant in the form of a lawsuit. Kevin Hart is suing Tasha K for defamation and extortion. The lawsuit shows Hart claiming that an associate of Tasha K reached out to his team requesting 250,000 to not […]

Pink Friday 2 is Nicki Minaj's first album in five years. Now that the tape is here, I'll give my review and rate it from 1-10.

Craftsman Row has quickly become popular in Philadelphia for its ability to embody different holiday seasons into the saloon's aesthetic.

we are here to get you in the Christmas spirit with the top places to visit in Philly for Christmas. The first place we will recommend is Christmas Village.

Britney Spears recently released her new book The Woman In Me where she blasts Justin Timberlake for awkward encounter he had with Ginuwine.

If you haven't been on social media in the past few days, you might have missed the oyster girl date that sent the internet in a frenzy.

'For All The Dogs' is finally here, so it's only right to review it and classify whether or not it's a hit or miss.

A List of local Mexican restaurants to try in Philadelphia for national taco day!

As the popularity of both genres grows worldwide, I can't help but wonder, which genre is winning in a party setting? Afrobeat or Soca?

  Fitch Means is a rising star out of Philadelphia. His song “Only One” is very popular and is rising on credible music charts. Here are some quick facts about Fitch Means and his musical accolades. Fitch is from the Mount Airy section of Philadelphia. He was featured in the West Oak Lane Jazz Festival, […]