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Kevin Hart Sues Tasha K for extortion.

Kevin Hart is responding to Tasha K’s interview with his former assistant in the form of a lawsuit. Kevin Hart is suing Tasha K for defamation and extortion. The lawsuit shows Hart claiming that an associate of Tasha K reached out to his team requesting 250,000 to not release the interview.

Kevin Hart sues former assistant.

Hart is also using his former assistant Miesha Shakes for her part in the interview. In the interview, Shakes alleges Kevin Hart of being a serial cheater and having a gambling addiction. The lawsuit against shakes claims that she breached a confidentiality agreement and NDA through releasing private information. Kevin claims Shakes comments in the interview are false and defamatory.

A representative for Kevin Hart states soon after Tasha K’s associate reached out to Kevin’s team, a police report was filled as well as a cease-and-desist letter. The lawsuit makes reference of an Instagram video live where Tasha K states “when you don’t pay, we have to get money by any means necessary”.

Past History 

In 2017, Kevin released a video confessing to cheating on his wife Eniko Hart to spoil extortion attempt against him. There was a video that eventually leaked of Kevin’s affair in the 2017 incident.

Tasha K lost a 4 million dollar case against Cardi B for alleging that Cardi had herpes and a list of other accusations. Tasha K removed several videos and posts from her platforms due to court order.

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