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At first glance:

The anticipated Drake album, ‘For All The Dogs’ is finally here, so it’s only right to review it and classify whether or not it’s a hit or miss. At first glance, the album has of 23 songs with a length time of an hour and twenty-three minutes. Stand out tracks on the album includes Calling For You, Fear Of Heights, Daylight, First Person Shooter, Tried Our Best Member Only, BBL Interlude, Gently, Rich Baby Daddy, Another Late Night and Away From Home. The most shocking thing on this Drake project is the feature artists. For All The Dogs surprising features are J Cole, Yeat and Chief Keef.

How the artwork relates to the body of work:

In true Drake fashion, the album starts out on the slower side with the track Virginia Beach. As it progresses, the listener can notice the energy in the album consistently changing. This observation is important because it makes one wonder what do these songs share in common as it relates to the album title. Critical Drake fans surely have to question how the artwork relates to the body of work.

Some fans feel that the songs relate to the album title through the wide array of styles Drake is presenting on the album. Meaning it’s literally something “For All The Dogs” or for all the fans on this album. The album seems to be Drake’s best rendition of his “Nothing Was The Same” album for this generation. An album many considers to be Drake’s only classic as it displays the best of Drake evenly.

Hit or Miss?:

Just from a listening standpoint the album gets a 7.5 out of 10 on the 2fly scale. It’s a good album but not a great one. So, it’s a lowercase hit.

Seem like Yatchy was capping, but if you want to get Lil Yatchy’s take on why For All The Dogs have some of Drake’s best verses click the link here Lil Yachty Says Drake’s Best Verses are on ‘For All The Dogs’ (

Listen to Drake’s For All The Dogs by clicking the links below.

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