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Britney spills the tea

Britney Spears recently released her new book The Woman In Me where she relieves an embarrassing incident she witnesses while dating Justin Timberlake. In the book, Britney Spears blasts Justin Timberlake for awkward encounter he had with Ginuwine.

Fo Shizz

Britney recalls a time when her and Justin were in New York and came across Ginuwine and his security guards. Britney quotes Justin greeting Ginuwine by saying ” OH YEA! FO SHIZZ FO SHIZZ, GINUWINE! WHATS UP HOMIE?! ” Spears goes on to say that after Ginuwine walks away her assistant at the time mocks J.T. but he just ignores the impersonation. One can only imagine how cringe-worthy a moment like that can be, but Britney goes on to speak about the members of NSYNC eagerness to be part of Hip-Hop at the time.

So Pimp

Britney explains that back at that time people in the industry would refer to NSYNC as “So Pimp”.  A moniker she say they earned for being white boys that loved Hip-Hop culture. Britney elaborated that NSYNC’S love for Hip-Hop culture differentiated them for the rest of their boy band counterparts of that era. One can only assume Britney Spears been waiting to blast Justin Timberlake for his awkward encounter he had with Ginuwine.

As clips from her book hit the internet, the part that has many talking is Michelle Williams’ narration of Justin Timberlakes’ alleged ” OH YEA! FO SHIZZ FO SHIZZ, GINUWINE! WHATS UP HOMIE?! ” remark.

For more context on this story watch this video by the Nosey bystanders 💫NOSY💫 (@nosybystanders) | TikTok.

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