So police raided Wacka Flacka’s Georgia home this week, it was reported on Thursday, in search of drugs and reports of prostitution… wow. Wacka was not home at the time of the raid and marijuana and weapons were found. Hhmm. Wacka was requested to come in for questioning or an arrest warrant would be issued.

Check out Lil Wayne and Eminem on SNL! They performed “No Love” and Lil Wayne also performed his new single 6 Foot 7! I like both these joints. Real G’s move in silence like LasaGna! Hahaha!

The Washington Wizards found a willing partner for their rebuilding effort in the Orlando Magic. The 2009 Eastern Conference champions acquired Gilbert Arenas from the Wizards in exchange for Rashard Lewis. The Magic also got back forward Hedo Turkoglu, Jason Richardson and Early Clark sending Vince Carter, Marcin Gortat and Mickeal Pietrus to Phoenix. Magic […]

Check out Kendra G & The Kittens doing “Pretty Girl Rock” for Keri Hilson! Too cute! RELATED: Keri Hilson Breaks Down Her Dance Moves!! [VIDEO] RELATED: Keri Hilson’s New “No Boys Allowed” Promos [PHOTOS]

We couldn’t wait to share Keyshia Cole’s new album “Calling All Hearts” with you until it’s released on December 21st, so take a listen and let us know which song is your favorite! Which is your favorite song on “Calling All Hearts” by Keyshia Cole?customer surveys

Are you broke, out of work, or just not into dealing with the troubles of shopping? All those long lines, pushy people and dumb store workers who can’t find the camera you wanted to buy for your father can be overwhelming. Even shopping online is hard. I tried to buy a Wii game for my […]

Alicia Keys was only 16 years old when she recorded her version of “Little Drummer Boy” for Jermaine Dupri’s 12 Soulful Nights Of Christmas compilation in 1996.

I will laugh every time I see this video!!!! Girl’s hair catches on fire at Diddy’s album release party!!!!

I will laugh every time I see this video!!!! Girl’s hair catches on fire at Diddy’s album release party!!!!

Former Bad Boy rapper G-Dep is being held without bail in a New York jail, after admitting to murdering a man during a robbery attempt in October of 1993. RELATED: G-Dep: “I’m Trying To Get Right With God” The extraordinary tale began on Wednesday (December 15th), when G-Dep, born Trevell Coleman, walked into the 25th […]

The Lebron James tour of spurned teams continued on Friday night when he and the Miami Heat touched down at Madison Square Garden to play the New York Knicks in a heavily hyped showdown. Like LeBron’s return to Cleveland earlier in the month, he heard boos from the Garden crowd. And like his return to […]

Michael Vick was in attendance last night for the Sixer Vs Lakers game & his presence was definitely felt!!! He received a standing ovation when he entered the building!