We just got a letter, We just got a letter, We just got a letter, Wonder who it’s from? If you watched ‘Blue Clues’ as kid, then you know that ‘Blue’s Clues ‘ wasn’t Blue’s Clues without the original host, Steve Burns. Many kids, fans, and viewers were emotionally hurt when the original Steve left […]

Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware and surrounding counties of Pennsylvania have undergone serious flood problems as their houses, cars, and businesses were found submerged in water or torn down by strong winds from Hurricane Ida. Flooding in Philadelphia reached levels not seen in more than 100 years, and the floodwater has not yet reached it crest […]

As kids begin to go back to school, many of Philadelphia schools are popping up with COVID cases. Schools are sending out letters to notify parents, students and faculty that a person(s) were tested COVID positive and are taking CDC precautions as an attempt to limit the spread.  Everyday, researchers learn more about COVID-19, but […]

Finally, Kanye West has released his new studio album, DONDA, after a series of stadium listening parties.. Is it ironic how the Sunday Church rapper dropped his finally anticipated album on a Sunday! Only after Kanye’s third listening party of controverial appearneces from Marilyn Manson and DaBaby, did Ye drop DONDA. DaBaby also rapped a […]

The Crate Challenge nationally has been wild, but Philly honestly is an entirely different world. From North Philly, to South Philly and West Philly, lol ya’ll just different. Philly topped the challenge when a Philly police officer did crate challenge by any means necessary. We are talking some of the falls, to people running up […]

Beyonce is history in the making as she is the first Black woman to wear the iconic Tiffany Diamond. What is the Tiffany Diamond you ask? Well for starters it is a 128.54 carat diamond and it was originally discovered in a dig in South Africa in 1877 in the Kimberley Mine. As written by […]

You heard it right folks! Kylie Jenner is expecting her second baby with Travis Scott, making 3 yr old Stormi a big sister! As reported by TMZ, Kylie Jenner is still in the “very early stages” of her pregnancy and does not yet know the sex, nor the due date of the baby. If you […]

Freeway recently reported in late July that his daughter, FTA Harmony, was battling cancer and asked for everyone to pray for her. He captioned in a more earlier post, “Goodmorning 🌍 I Need everyone to keep my daughter FTA Harmony in y’all prayers while we rumble this cancer sh*t. 🤲🏾🙏🏾 we are working with some […]

Philadelphia is known for many things, but what many don’t know is that Philly is enriched with some of the best vegan restaurants. If you are trying to eat healthy, but still eat good, Philly has the vegan delicacies  for you.  100.3 RNB and Hip Hop supports black businesses and we have a full list […]

Tom Hanks’ son is now signed to Soulja Boy’s SODMG label. “It’s going down man,” Soulja Boy said in a video. “Chet Hanks man, my new artist signed to SODMG Records as the first rapper signed this year. It’s going down. Big Draco, we about [sic] to make history, you know what I’m saying? SODMG. Album on […]

The Fulton County D.A’s office will not prosecute YK Osiris over the alleged assault of his girlfriend. They won’t prosecute even though the Atlanta PD had probable  cause to arrest Osiris back in November of 2019. The Prosecutors have not stated why they won’t prosecute. His girlfriend at the time claimed he choked her and […]

In the words tweeted by the Sixers, “@joelembiid isn’t going anywhere.” That’s right Philly. As reported by CBS, “Joel Embiid and Philadelphia 76ers have agreed to terms on a four-year, $196 million super max contract extension, per ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne. It’s the largest contract Philadelphia can offer Embiid at this time, and with two years remaining on his current […]