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Source: KiddNation / Kidd Nation

As kids begin to go back to school, many of Philadelphia schools are popping up with COVID cases. Schools are sending out letters to notify parents, students and faculty that a person(s) were tested COVID positive and are taking CDC precautions as an attempt to limit the spread.  Everyday, researchers learn more about COVID-19, but unfortunately many from all walks of life have contracted the virus, now it’s attacking our kids. 

See the full list below.


1. Pan American Charter School and Lindley Academy

2. Emlen Elementary

3. Master Charter School- Pickett Campus

4. Mater Charter School- Simon Gratz High Shcool

5. Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School

6. School of The Future

7. First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School

8. Mastery Charter School- John Wister Elementary

9. Mastery Charter School Pastorius- Richardson Elementary

10. Dragons Campus

11. Mastery Charter School- Smedley Elementary

12. KIPP Philadelphia

13. The School District of Philadelphia

14. KIPP North Philadelphia Academy

15. Philadelphia Blue Bus

16. Belmont Charter Middle School

17. Upper Darby School District- Hillcrest

18. Mastery Charter School- Shoemaker Campus