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WTLC stations are returning to Monument circle and they will bring Hot 100.9, 105.1 La Grande, & Telemundo Indy with them. The last time the WTLC stations were on Monument Circle was February 16th, 2001. 22 year later it is back full of radio stations owned by Radio One: 106.7 WTLCFM WTLCAM – Praise Indy AM1310 95.1FM Hot 100.9 105.1 La […]

In 1971 Roundtree starred as John Shaft, Gordon Parks' landmark film which is credited with launching the Blaxploitation genre.

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Li Haoshi, better known as “House” is facing consequences after joking about the People’s Liberation Army or the (PLA), China’s principal military force. In China, politics are taken seriously and Li learned exactly how serious things could get. This situation might make some of us appreciate our freedom of speech. While performing at the Century […]

Alec Baldwin is a writer, and producer who has been involved in numerous film and television productions throughout his career. In October 2021, Baldwin was working on the set of the Western film “Rust” as an actor and producer when he discharged a prop firearm during a rehearsal, which tragically resulted in the death of […]

Justin Timberlake has always been invited to the bar-be-que. Starting off as an NSYNC pop singer, then continuing into his solo career, Justin won us over with his hits like Cry Me A River, Suit & Tie, Mirrors, & more! Now, Justin has decided to give back in big ways. He started the Nicole Hurst […]

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence were spotted on the set of the upcoming Bad Boys 4 movie in Atlanta. Will, who plays Mike Lowerey, and Martin, who plays Marcus Burnett, were seen near their trailers, in character for the film. In January, both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence posted a video with them announcing that […]

The 25-year-old shooter who killed four people at a bank in downtown Lousiville was from Floyd County, Indiana. He attended Floyd Center High School in Floyd Knobs. Connor Sturgeon is now dead after unleashing an attack at his workplace injuring two officers and killing four people. Police stated that there were a total of nine […]

In a recent interview with Howard Stern, Nick Cannon had a discussion about his intimate relationships and his numerous baby mommas between 12 kids. When Howard Stern asked “Are you done?” Nick replied with, “I think I’m happy currently with my dozen that I got”, in reference to all of the children he’s recently had. […]

You may have heard of the popular candy brand that usually pops up around this Easter holiday time, Peeps. Well, the brand is under fire after many have stated that the ingredients they use in their candy contain cancer-causing carcinogens. The specific ingredient is the artificial coloring Red Dye No. 3. Children all around the […]

Howell Wayans, the father of the famouns Wayans brothers has passed away at the age of 86. The Wayans brothers have been entertaining the culture for decades. From acting to comedy, Shawn, Marlon, Damon, & Dwayne Wayans have been stars on the big screens making us laugh with classics like The Wayans Bros, White Chicks, […]

Earlier this year a first-grade teacher in Newport News, Virginia was shot by a six-year-old in the classroom. Today she decided to file a lawsuit against the school administrators and the school board. The reason for the lawsuit is due to her claims that the school was aware of the student’s “history of random violence”. […]