If Pregnancy Doesn’t Happen Soon, Mariah and Nick Are Ready to Adopt NOW!

On Breaking Grammy Records, Jay-Z, Her New Fragrance & More

Rapper will undergo surgery before serving his prison term; sentencing pushed back to March 2.

Lil Wayne live from the studio on his last day of freedom with Lil Twist


PRAYER HELPS!! Pop the top to see the new Maia :)

Today marks that day that Lil Wayne turn himself into Rikers Island, to serve his 1 year sentence!

Ray J Goes Off & Walks Out On Cocktail For Blowin Up His Spot At The Reunion! "Im Not F*cking With You Bitch," Gets Lovey Dubby With Jaguar (While Mz. Berry Waits Backstage)

REGGIE BUSH’S MISTRESS MADE A VIDEO TAPE OF HIS HOME IN BEVERLY HILLS WHILE HE WASN’T HOME!!! Boy…these celebrities sure know how to select their jump-offs! This is crazy! Checkout the video for yourself!