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Lil Uzi Vert is avoiding going to jail by copping to a plea deal in an assault case against his ex-girlfriend, along with fellow rapper SAINt JHN. Back in July, Uzi, showed up at a cafe where his ex-girl, Brittany Byrd was hanging with SAINt JHN. It was reported that the artist got out of […]

Jeopardy hasn’t been the same since the legendary host Alex Trebek last year. Since then, actors and athletes and even television journalist have served as interim host for the famous game show. Aaron Rodgers has expressed his interest in being the full time host of America’s favorite game show, but he is not the only […]

Things aren’t looking so good for Charmaine’s tattoo shop, 2nd City Ink. She is losing artists left, and right and plus, her shop is not even properly registered with the city of Chicago’s health department. Charmaine is giving Ryan more ammo to say, “I told you so” when it comes to running a successful tattoo […]