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Jeopardy hasn’t been the same since the legendary host Alex Trebek last year. Since then, actors and athletes and even television journalist have served as interim host for the famous game show.

Aaron Rodgers has expressed his interest in being the full time host of America’s favorite game show, but he is not the only one in line for this top spot.

Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton wants to be the next host for Jeopardy. So much so, that he decided to create a petition via change.org to make the change come true.

Since then, Burton has been trending on Twitter. Public figures and well as Americas people small and tall have tweeted their approval, full support of the notion.

LaVar Burton has an unprecedented film resume. Along with being the host of Reading Rainbow for over 20 years, his rise to fame came from his remarkable role in Roots, playing the young slave Kunta Kinte. Burton also was a supporting actor in the Star Trek series and has over 40 combined movies and TV shows in his discography.