I thought birds of a feather flocked together?! I guess not! During a Philadelphia Eagles practice today, Riley Cooper & Cary Williams got into a scuffle after a play. It got pretty heated because teammates & coaches had to step in! Check out the video below!

  The past week hasn’t been the easiest for Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper. He stuck his foot all the way down his own…

photo by: Getty Images The Philadelphia Eagles have excused Riley Cooper from practice and all football related activities this afternoon. The decision comes after Riley Cooper’s racial slur which was caught in camera after a Kenny Chesney concert. In a statement released by the team Riley said he thinks it important for him to reflect on […]

photo by: getty images Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Riley Cooper has some explaining to do. A youtube video has surfaced showing Riley Cooper getting into a minor altercation at a Kenny Chesney concert. The former Florida Gator dropped the n-word on camera stating he would “Fight Every Nigger Here.” Cooper then took to twitter after the […]

I went to the hospital yesterday to see some of my close friends. After getting off the elevator on the ICU floor I walked down the hall to their room. Once in the room the doctors initial prognosis was troubling to me. The doctor started off by telling me Mike Vick, our head was suffering […]