Kanye must really be happy! While in NYC with his soon to be wife (If not already) Kim Kardashian, they were approached by a rapper who walked with the couple for a few blocks and got his chance to spit some bars for Ye! Kanye even stayed outside to let homie finish his rap! Peep […]

Kanye is drpping his 7th album this year but its going to cause a delay on his Yeezus tour for it to happen. I’ll take that though! Sorry Australia but, Kanye says he will be there in September instead of August! Who knows, maybe he will perform some new material for the fans “Down Under”.

So we all know Kanye West & Kim Kardashian are finally about to jump the broom and it seems as Kanye has picked a “Best Man”. Jigga Man that is lol. Not so fast though Kanye, Jay has one stipulation though. NO TV CAMERAS ARE ALLOWED if Jay-Z is to be the best man. Not […]

Damn Yeezy, had I known you were going to drop a “Yeezus” movie I wouldn’t have went to the concert! Just kidding, the concert was great and now I can relive it over and over again when the movie drops!

Remember when Kanye allegedly punched that 18 year old man in the face for hurling racial slurs at his fiance? Well It looks like Kanye has to fork over $250,000 unfortunately. The 18 year old man negotiated a $250,000 civil settlement with Kanyeafter claiming the rapper attacked him inside a Beverly Hills Chiropractor’s office! In my […]

Kanye’s latest album has reached platinum status! That makes 7 Platinum Albums for the Chicagoan. This has to be good news after earlier this week he was involved in an altercation with an 18 year old when he called his baby momma a “Ni***r Lover”. Congrats Kanye!

Merry Christmas Kim! I would’ve loved to have seen her face when she opened up this present! I guess its like the old saying goes “What do you get someone who has everything?!’ A hand painted Birkin Bag duh!!! LOL

Merry Christmas to Drake! It’s not often these days that Kanye West lets another artist on stage to perform with him let alone do his own song! I guess it was only fitting that he let Drake do it in his own city though!

Courtesy of SOHH Dot Com Another tour stop, another Kanye rant?  Not quite, especially if your rant is autotuned! lol  During the Yeezus tour stop in Kanye West’s hometown of Chicago, Kanye does an autotuned ballad talking about Michael Jordan leaving the city of Chicago and going to play NBA basketball for the Washington Wizards.  […]

According to Huffington Post, “The Daily Currant” ran a fake or satirical  interview with Kanye West that had Kanye saying obnoxious things like  he thinks he’s “the…

When it comes to weddings, Kanye is thinking BIG!!! We’re talking $5 million dollars BIG! Good Lawd thats a lot of money! Plus he wants to make the wedding celebration 2 weeks long! Kanye has leased Capri’s Villa San Michele in Italy for 14 days which costs a mere $500,000! The color scheme of the wedding […]

According to USA Today, Kanye has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor battery and attempted grand theft in the case filed over a scuffle with paparazzi Daniel Ramos  at Los Angeles International Airport. Ramos says West punched him in an unprovoked attack and wrestled his camera to the ground over the summer back on July 19! […]