The rapper is under investigation following the physical altercation he had with DaniLeigh‘s brother, Brandon Bills, at a bowling alley in California earlier this morning. Related: DaniLeigh’s Brother, Brandon Bills, Says DaBaby and His Team Jumped Him A rep from the LAPD confirmed that the police report filed for the fight was for assault with a deadly […]

We think we all woke up shocked over DaBaby’s situation with DaniLeigh. Related: Entire Danileigh vs. DaBaby Situation. [Receipts, Videos, Reactions, Tweets!] According to the 26-year-old, DaBaby allegedly tried kicking her and their 3-month-year-old daughter out of his penthouse. The news took the internet by storm, with people choosing sides. Unfortunately for DaBaby, many of his […]

Whew Chile! DaBaby is out here having side babies and his baby’s mother, Meme is not happy about it! Related: Heavy Flex: Diddy Gifts DaBaby Son With $1K Cash The ‘bop’ rapper recently took to Instagram to confirm that he has another baby on the way after being exposed by his daughter’s mother, Meme. Yesterday, the […]

DaBaby is expecting a baby! Sources close to DaBaby and the mother of his kids, Meme are said to be expecting baby number three. The couple already shares a son and a daughter, however, in an interview weeks ago Meme said that she and DaBaby are single. Rumors swirled earlier this year that DaBaby was […]

DaBaby fans his long-awaited ‘Kirk’ album is coming out on Friday. It’s his second album with Interscope Records. The lead single ‘Intro’ was released last week. The album will feature 13 songs and will include fellow rappers the Migos.