We get it: you like to drink. But is the rest of the world just as alcohol-obsessed as you?

Conservative website grabbed a SnapChat screenshot of Malia Obama standing next to someone who may or may have not been playing the popular college game beer pong.

Through friends, fellow students, and family members, the shocking story of a Texas A&M student who was fatally shot over an argument during a beer…

Dock Street Brewery is a local Philadelphia brewing company, and is creating the latest tribute to Wu-Tang Clan, according to Philly Mag. It’s appropriately titled “Ain’t Nothing to Funk With,” and is aged while music from Wu-Tang is being played during the process. “It started as a joke,” head brewer Vince Desrosiers tells the publication, “and […]

According to the Arthritis Foundation, arthritis is often though of as a single disease. However, it’s actually an umbrella term used for a group of…

These dudes are shameless!