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Through friends, fellow students, and family members, the shocking story of a Texas A&M student who was fatally shot over an argument during a beer pong game has come to light.

Lacie LaRose, 19, was killed on May 3 during a graduation party. Landon Duke, the 23-year-old who threw the party, says LaRose and others were playing beer pong when 40-year-old Ronald McNeil crashed the bash with friends.

McNeil and his friends got into an argument with Duke and his friends about the rules of the game around 1 a.m. Soon after the men were asked to leave, Duke closed the garage door to keep everyone safe. LaRose then went outside to grab more beers for the game. McNeil returned with a gun and fired 14 shots, with one fatally hitting the teen in the neck.

According to the New York Daily News:

Police records state McNeil told officers during an interview that he accidentally fired the gun while running up to the house. McNeil reportedly told investigators after his arrest that it was his goal to scare the kids at the party with his Glock .40 caliber handgun.

LaRose was hit by the gunfire and someone dragged her partially into the garage, which is where Duke said he saw her after taking cover under a couch. Witnesses reportedly heard LaRose say “Call 911; I can’t breathe.”

Two others were injured during the shooting, with one shot in the leg and another hit with shrapnel. The news of LaRose’s death comes days after Texas lawmakers passed a bill allowing concealed weapons on college campuses.

McNeil is currently being held in Brazos County Jail on a $500,000 bond and charged with murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and deadly conduct for discharge of a firearm.

LaRose was honored by friends and family online. Her family also created a GoFundMe dedicated to her love of animals.

The LaRose family will “make sure [Lacie’s] dream of saving animals lives on forever. A non-profit foundation is being set up in her name and all funds raised will be transferred as soon as paperwork can be finalized.”

You can check out her GoFundMe page here.

SOURCE: New York Daily News | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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