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EXCLUSIVE: Gillie Da Kid Gives A Million Dollars Worth of Game!   Gillie Da Kid is blessed with the gift of the gab.  This smooth talking MC has gained a following on and off the stage.  Rising to stardom in the hit group Major Figgas, Gillie Da Kid eventually ventured off into a solo career.  […]

The Real Life Killmonger, Michael B. Jorden Actually Still Lives With His Parents In the Marvel blockbuster Black Panther, actor Michael B. Jorden plays the role of Erik Killmonger.  His character is a ruthless loner that wreaks havoc in  Wakanda.  However, in real life Michael is just a cool and laid back dude that lives with […]

15 of The Best Movies Filmed in Philly Not Titled Rocky With the buzz of the newest Rocky film Creed 2, we decided to put together a list of movies that had scenes shot in Philadelphia. However, to add a twist we purposely decided to omit all of the Rocky films.  I mean come on […]

10 Things You Should Never Do at a Bar or Club   Don’t ask to “Make the drink strong” Especially if you haven’t even tipped yet. It’s one thing if you tipped heavy then made this request, but if it’s your first drink this request is not only annoying it could also put the bartender’s […]

You Never Hung Out With Her and Her “Besties” One critical test a girl gives,  is to see if you pass the “bestie test.”  Meaning a girl will bring you around her closest friends to A) See what they think of you and B) To see how you interactive with them.  Most girls value their […]

New Peruvian Restaurant, Vista Peru is Opening in Old City! Looks like S. 2nd St. is getting more Latin flare.  Just a few doors down from Cuba Libre, a new Peruvian restaurant is opening up at 20 S. 2nd St.  Vista Peru is set to open its doors Friday February 23rd around noon.  The owner […]

Take a Road Trip With DJ Caesar and See Why He’s One of the Hardest Working DJs in the Game! If you’ve been tuning in from 2-7 pm Monday through Friday than you’ve heard the unmistakable sound of the Afternoon Wave brought to you by DJ Caesar.  His exclusive cuts and blends have been making […]

Atlantic Records VP of A&R Spills Insider Tips on How to Make it in the Industry! Although many listeners tune into to Boom Philly 103.9 daily for the pure enjoyment of music, there are others who listen with aspirations to either end up on the radio themselves or scout the talent that makes it.  Either […]

The Absolute 17 Best Places For Wings in Philly 2017 Edition   International Chicken Wing Day is upon us, so in classic Wooder Ice fashion we did our homework so that you can celebrate the right way.  After searching high and low, from acclaimed restaurants to dive bars, we tasted the best Philly has to […]

10 Realizations Philly Transplants Will Make After Moving Here – WooderIce.com Exclusive  1. You Will Eventually Stand in the PPA Line You may think that the hatred for the PPA is a little overblown but as soon as you’re settled in it won’t be long before you’ll see a blue and white envelope chilling on […]

Get excited, an all new and improved Wawa is coming to Center City! We all know how hectic they can get during lunch and dinner hours, so by the sounds of this story courtesy of WooderIce.com, this “super Wawa” should help alleviate some of those stresses! Check out the full scoop below! If you ask a Philadelphian […]