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10 Things You Should Never Do at a Bar or Club


Don’t ask to “Make the drink strong”

 photo strongdrink_zpsoq5dwgbs.gif

Especially if you haven’t even tipped yet. It’s one thing if you tipped heavy then made this request, but if it’s your first drink this request is not only annoying it could also put the bartender’s job at risk. In some places management takes into account a bartenders pour count and having a heavy hand could lead to termination. So if you dare make this request make sure you took care of the bartender before hand.


Don’t ask “What’s your cheapest drink”

 photo cheap_zps1niv0qy7.gif

If money is an issue please stay home. Bartenders understand many people may be on a budget or aren’t going to rack up heavy tabs, but asking for a the cheapest drink = little to no tip. Bartenders will most likely tend to look over you in a busy crowd. So instead just know domestic beers are usually always the cheapest drink in the joint, so just order one up without sounding like a cheap ass.


Don’t say “I’ll take care of you at the end”

 photo takecare_zpsvjaf8sxp.gif

Too many people have stated this and left very disappointing or mediocre tips, nothing in the realm of “taking care” of the barkeep. Instead lay a nice tip down up front (large % of what you plan to tip overall). This shows the bartender you mean business and you are really looking out for them. This gesture will not only get you served quicker it can lead to potential free drinks and shots as a “thank you” gesture from the bartender. So don’t have them playing the guessing game and tip upfront.


Don’t ask “for the hook-up” right away

 photo freedrinks_zps3txj9xjz.gif

For many of the same reasons as asking for strong drinks, asking for the hook-up right away is cause for a bartender to ignore you the rest of the night. Not only are you potentially putting their job at risk you are basically saying “I am here with no money but I want to get wasted.” There is no benefit in it for the bartender. Most hook-ups happen with either regulars or big spenders. At the end of the day the bartender has bills just like you so if anyone needs to be hooked up it’s the bartender.


Don’t ask for a crazy named drink

 photo confused_zpsipvzsx0o.gif

This especially applies if you are visiting a bar or club for the first time. Not all drinks have universal names and many bartenders create their own drinks. So that Carolina Liquid Cocaine shot Joe the bartender made for you in Anytown, USA will most like not be available in the swanky downtown club and vice versa. So try and keep it simple. Not only will you help the flow of service, you can possibly make the request on the 2nd round if you let the bartender know exactly what ingredients your fancy shot includes.


Don’t wait to start looking for your credit card or cash

 photo showmethemoney_zpse4lnd4du.gif

This is especially crucial if you are patronizing a busy spot. So you’re waiting several minutes for the bartender to finally take your order and you watch them make 4 long islands and pop open a few beers and then when they give you a total you figure “now’s the perfect time to start digging for my card or cash.”  If you want the bartenders to move faster and are looking for speedy service, help the cause and be prepared.


Don’t order your drinks one at a time

 photo bartender_zpsec5qfbqk.gif

If you’re with a group at a busy bar or lounge, try your best to get everyone’s order in at the same time even if you are paying separately. It is definitely frustrating for bartenders to make a drink only to find out you have another 3 drinks you want to order and you insist on ordering them one at a time. So order in bulk and help keep the flow going.


Don’t stand at the bar and pick at the fruit in the tray

 photo eating_zpskri9gb0d.gif

Not only is it not sanitary you are also dwindling the amount of precious garnish needed to make it through the night. Bartenders need those limes and oranges for drinks.  They are not free appetizers for you to freely munch on. However, if you cannot resist the urge please do not leave the peels all over the counter, your mother taught you better than that.


Don’t camp out at the bar if it’s busy

 photo crowded_zpsvmscaswx.gif

Bartenders don’t show up at your 9 to 5 and stand in front of your computer blocking your access. So if you’re at a crowded venue and have already been served, it’s not proper etiquette to take up valuable real estate and blocking other patrons from being taken care of.  Especially if you’re the guy babysitting the same Miller Lite bottle all night long. Get out of the way.


Don’t expect a drink with no ice to mean more alcohol

 photo pouringdrink_zpspwqa02zj.gif

Logically little to no ice would mean more alcohol. However, unlike McDonald’s when ordering at bars and clubs they have a what is called a pour count. So no matter how much ice there is or isn’t in the cup you will get the same amount of alcohol.  To give the illusion that you are being poured more alcohol many bartenders will elevate their pour so you think you’re getting more vodka when in reality it’s the same. Therefore just go with the classic chilled drink.