One of our favorite games of 2023, El Paso, Elsewhere is getting a film adaptation and LaKeith Stanfield will star in the lead role.

Twitter reportedly tried to drop a rather larger bag for the Clubhouse app.

It’s going down tomorrow (Sept 29)  in Philly. In front of a SOLD OUT crowd in the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. The San Francisco Shock (23-5) will take on the Vancouver Titans (25-3) for all the marbles at the 2019 Overwatch League Grand Finals. Unlike like season 1’s lopsided finals that saw the […]

NBA Live took the big step of integrating the WNBA and its superstars into the game two years ago. Many began to wonder if the NBA 2K franchise would eventually follow suit. That question has been answered today (August 8), 2K revealed that all 12 WNBA teams and its superstars will be in the NBA […]

First launched in 2012, Apple’s “Mastered For iTunes” initiative allowed engineers to preserve the highest quality possible when encoding tracks for digital distribution on Apple Music. Wednesday (August 7) Apple announced the quiet rebranding of Mastered For iTunes to Apple Digital Masters. Billboard reports that Apple is taking all its “Mastered For iTunes” collection and […]

If it’s one thing that’s for the culture, it’s the memes that flood social media! Ranging from pictures to videos, these creative works embody pop culture by adding a fresh comedic spin on current events. But could Instagram be canceling our meme days for good? Related: Instagram Might Start Hiding Public Like Counts The popular social […]

When it comes to paid subscribers, Spotify is now the king. The Swedish music streaming platform announced during a 2019 1Q financial performance review that it now has 100 million premium subscriptions surpassing Apples 50 million. Just earlier this month it was reported Apple held the title. Spotify also reported a year-on-year increase of 32 […]

On this edition of “Most Expensivest Sh*t” , 2 Chainz tests out speakers that costs $250,000! That doesn’t even include the cost of the wires which costs an additional $200,000! Watch below!

Google does it again! Last year they showed a concept of their “Self Driving Car” and it was a Prius. This time the car resembles a SMART car. Apparently it doesn’t have brakes, steering wheel, or gas pedal! Watch the video below.

All day I have been seeing the commercials for Samsung’s new “Smart Watch”. They caught my attention with the throwback shows that used a watch to communicate such as Dick Tracy, Power Rangers, The Jetsons, and so on. I think I may put this on my Christmas and birthday list. Check out the video below!