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If it’s one thing that’s for the culture, it’s the memes that flood social media!

Ranging from pictures to videos, these creative works embody pop culture by adding a fresh comedic spin on current events. But could Instagram be canceling our meme days for good?

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The popular social media platform recently deleted at least 30 high-profile meme accounts for violating its terms and services.

“These accounts were disabled following multiple violations of our policies, including attempted abuse of our internal processes,” said a Facebook spokesperson in a statement to The Daily Dot.

Such violations consisted of the creation of fraudulent accounts for the selling and purchasing of usernames on the picture-sharing platform.

A Twitter user known as @Craig says Instagram’s recent cancelation spree has cost him a 40 million fan base along with over $30,000, which he had planned to use to fund college.

Other accounts affected by the mass-deletion include @Finest.Inventions, a meme page with over 13 million followers, and @uniquevines, which had more than 8.3 million followers.

This is not Instagram’s first time removing accounts. Belle Delphine was removed from the platform in July after recently making headlines for selling jars of her bathwater.

While posting memes may still be safe for now, Instagram won’t be the same without some of our favorite meme accounts.

Here’s how some users reacted to the news via Twitter:




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