After his July release from jail, Soulja Boy has been pretty quiet which isn’t normal for the “Turn On My Swag” rapper but normal is exactly how Soulja is trying to live his life. According to Soulja Boy’s manager, Miami Mike, Soulja has quit drinking and doing drugs, mainly sipping lean. The habit cost Soulja […]

Although Soulja Boy is still in a jail cell, his team is still looking into the $500k burglary of his home. According to sources, his team has looked into the home surveillance tape and there is evidence to show that the burglary was an inside job. Soulja’s crib was robbed of jewelry, his iPhone, and […]

Just a few days after being put in jail, Soulja Boy’s home was burglarized. A caretaker called police Monday to report the burglary where thieves made off with jewelry, cash, and a phone. Cops are reporting that five men who they believe are the burglars, went on Soulja’s IG Live and bragged about the crime. […]

Soulja Boy was taken to jail on Thursday (April 11th) when he showed up for his probation violation hearing. The judge ruled that Soulja Boy has violated his probation in multiple ways, first he failed to do community service and he even tried to falsify paperwork that would show that he completed the community service. […]

After a couple of weeks, Soulja Boy and Blac Chyna have called it quits. As you may know, their relationship started off as something to make Tyga upset but things went downhill when Tyga was the subject of an argument between the two. Another reason for the split is that Chyna is more of a […]

It looks like things are beginning to heat up between Soulja Boy and Blac Chyna after a picture of the two together on Valentine’s Day hit social media. Soulja posted a picture of them together in a car with the caption, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Soulja also went to Twitter and posted two simple words, “in […]

Looks like Blac Chyna has moved on from Kid Buu and is now booed up with Soulja Boy. Sources say that the two have been an item for about a week and got together thanks to the two sliding into each others DMs on Instagram. After connecting they met at Sean Kingston’s penthouse and apparently haven’t been apart […]

Soulja Boy is joining T.I in boycotting fashion designer, Gucci. You will remember that Soulja Boy wore a large Gucci head band to his now infamous interview with the Breakfast Club. T.I is calling for a boycott of Gucci after they designed a blackface knit top. Soulja Boy said he is giving away all of […]

Rapper Soulja Boy was involved in a car crash due to mudslides in Malibu, California. “Was involved in a very bad car accident last night due to a flash flood and mudslide,” Soulja Boy recalled on Twitter. Soulja also tweeted pictures of the mudslide and said, “My car got stuck too and almost went into […]

Soulja Boy has a lot going on in his life and he may be adding a baby to the mix.

Soulja Boy may have landed himself in some real trouble.