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We can hear Soulja Boy now, “I’M THE FIRST RAPPER TO…” Y’all better put some respeck on Soulja’s name! Big Draco has gone on multiple rants letting the world know he was the first rapper to pretty much do everything. When we say everything…we really mean EVERYTHING.

The innovative rapper has claimed to do anything from being the first rapper on Youtube to the first rapper to have a viral dance to his song. Those two claims are not the ridiculous ones because (depending on who you ask) they might be true. The latest Verzuz match was, Soulja Boy vs. Bow Wow and we experienced the funniest battle to say the least. The music was nostalgic and Big Draco ran back his latest hit ‘She Make It Clap’ about three times. Now the ask ourselves, is Soulja Boy the first rapper to beat Bow wow is a Verzuz?! Soulja believes so..

Check out the list below to see everything Soulja Boy has ever claimed to be the “first rapper” to do.

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1. The First Rapper With His Own Game Console

2. The First Rapper to Ride a Camel in Dubai

3. The First Rapper on YouTube

4. The First Rapper to Knock Logan Paul Out

5. The First Rapper to Get a Bald Fade

6. The First Rapper to go to IceBox

7. The First Rapper to Make a Song About Rick and Morty

8. The First Rapper to Photobomb Kobe

9. The First Rapper to Skateboard

10. The First Rapper to Have His Own Drink

11. The First Rapper to Play Tennis With Kim Kardashian (PENDING)

12. The First Rapper to Take a Selfie

13. The First Rapper to do a Reaction Video

14. The First Rapper to Own an Orange Bentley

15. The First Rapper With a Pool Table in His House