Nick Gordon has had a difficult couple of years following the death of his fiancée Bobbi Kristina Brown.

From lawsuits to hospitalizations, these nine celebs had a pretty tough year. Check out our list of stars who took an L in 2016.

It looks like Gordon not showing up to court and being generally lackadaisical about the whole thing is for good reason.

The world looked on, helpless and shocked, when daughter to Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina Brown, passed away suddenly. Her death was eerily similar to the way her mother passed 3 years earlier. Since then, the Houston and Brown families have been struggling to get to the bottom of the circumstances surrounding her […]

The father of Bobbi Brown Kristina joined an ongoing $10 million lawsuit against Nick Gordon, her boyfriend at the time, for wrongful death.


As the one-year anniversary of Bobbi Kristina’s passing approaches, information surrounding her death continues to surface.

Should the family drop their lawsuit against Nick Gordon and focus on grieving and healing?

Bobbi Kristina’s estate claims that Nick Gordon is directly responsible for her death in a newly revealed lawsuit. Details of a $40 million wrongful death lawsuit that Bobbi’s estate attorney filed against Nick have just been revealed, and it is nasty. reports that the attorney has pegged Nick with some pretty serious allegations that […]


In the latest update on Bobby Kristina Brown, as the young girl continues to fight for her life, it is unfortunate that rather than this…

Rest in peace Bobbi Kristina. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Houston and Brown families.

No update on Bobbi Kristina's condition but Nick Gordon appears to be setting himself straight.


It’s no secret that Bobbi Kristina’s family is not fond of Nick Gordon, and that he hasn’t visited his girlfriend since she ended up in a…