Courtesy of ESPN Dot Com If Carmelo Anthony is chasing championships, he will be doing it from the vantage point of New York City.  Reports claim that the NBA All-Star Forward is finalizing a deal to stay in the Big Apple estimated to pay him in the range of $120M.  In interviews this past season, […]

Courtesy of The Bleacher Report Fans of the hit HBO show “Game Of Thrones” and basketball fans will enjoy this GOT spoof using the NBA players in an animated cartoon depicting the NBA’s Game of Thrones, check it out below! Source

Courtesy of ESPN NBA Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant announced today via Facebook that he will make his season debut this Sunday versus the Raptors.  He had been out since April after suffering a torn left Achilles injury.  The injury normally takes 8-12 months to recover from so he is ahead of schedule and […]


Courtesy of CNN NBA superstar Derrick Rose recently talked to CNN about everything from basketball to parenting.  One of the topics that came up was the best player in the league (NBA) right now.  Many NBA experts consider Miami Heat’s Lebron James as the best player in the NBA right now.  Without even blinking, Derrick Rose […]


Courtesy of NBA and Rap Radar Dot Com Check out this video of last night’s NBA Finals post game interview as NBA Finals MVP Lebron James talks about winning his second consecutive NBA championship as well as NBA Finals MVP.  In the video clip, Lebron even quotes rapper Lil Wayne when referencing the critics talking bad about his […]

Courtesy Of CNN Dot Com Former NFL player Leroy Butler of the Green Bay Packers is one of the recent players that has come out congratulating NBA player Jason Collins for coming out and admitting that he is gay this past week.  Leroy recently took to twitter to congratulate Jason in a 4 word tweet, […]

Courtesy Of KYS DC Dot Com Rapper A$ap Rocky is the latest celebrity to react to the news of NBA player Jason Collins announcing to the world that he is gay.  After hearing the decision, A$ap in an interview with our DC sister station WKYS 93.9, he told on-air personality EZ Street that the news compares to the […]

Courtesy Of ESPN Chicago Dot Com NBA Bulls star Derrick Rose is most likely out for the 2013 NBA playoffs while trying to recover from an ACL injury he sustained last year in the 1st round of the NBA playoffs versus the Philadelphia 76ers.  He had been rehabbing the injury for the last few months, but getting […]

New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov has ended the cat and mouse game between the NBA franchise and coveted All-Star Carmelo Anthony.  At a press conference at the Prudential Center he calmly announced that the team would no longer be trying to make a deal with The Denver Nuggets to trade for the Brooklyn Born […]

What is it with NBA players and Turkey? First Allen Iverson left The States to play for the Turkish team Bestikas and now Kobe Bryant has signed on as the official spokesman for Turkish Airlines. “I’ve never been to Turkey,” Bryant told CNBC. “But all the guys on the team in the league who have […]