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Courtesy Of KYS DC Dot Com

Rapper A$ap Rocky is the latest celebrity to react to the news of NBA player Jason Collins announcing to the world that he is gay.  After hearing the decision, A$ap in an interview with our DC sister station WKYS 93.9, he told on-air personality EZ Street that the news compares to the magnitude of Frank Ocean announcing he was bi-sexual last summer.

“That’s his business.  I respect men more for coming out. People joke on Frank Ocean a lot but at least he’s not out here fronting. It’s a lot of people, a lot of motherf*ckers be out here, they be the closet motherf*ckers, you know? I don’t respect them. I respect gay men who identify it and who are out with it.”-A$ap Rocky

A$ap went on to say in the interview that he never heard of Jason Collins until the announcement, but he knows that Jason has millions of more dollars than him.  If you want to hear the comments about Jason Collins go to the 7:24 mark of the video below courtesy of KYSDC Dot Com:

“We got the Frank Ocean of the NBA now who came out and did what he had to do. Shout-outs to him.”-A$ap Rocky