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Courtesy Of CNN Dot Com

Former NFL player Leroy Butler of the Green Bay Packers is one of the recent players that has come out congratulating NBA player Jason Collins for coming out and admitting that he is gay this past week.  Leroy recently took to twitter to congratulate Jason in a 4 word tweet, which is below….


……..This 4 word tweet would turn out to be a decision that resulted in a church canceling Leroy Butler’s appearance to talk about bullying.  The church gave Leroy the ultimatum that if he removes the tweet and ask God for forgiveness, then he could speak to the church’s youth program about bullying.  He declined and stated in an interview with Anderson Cooper that,

“Basically your asking me to some 16-year-old kid in the closet with his father’s gun that he found and he is thinking about putting it to his head because he been tormented in school everyday because people found out he was gay or suspected he was gay, so you want me to take that back so he doesn’t have a voice, I won’t do that, that’s taking my dignity and respect away”-Leroy Butler CNN

Anderson Cooper went on in the interview to ask if Leroy Butler had any gay teammates or suspected that some of his teammates were gay.  His answer was no and he further elaborated by saying,

“If you can run, jump, slam a basketball, throw a basketball, get an interception, if we win a Super Bowl ring, I don’t care who you bring to the ring ceremony, I just wanna win a ring.”

To check out the video for the full interview click the link right here courtesy of CNN Dot Com: