Even though LeBron James going to Chicago with Carlos Boozer would make them the most formidable team in the Eastern Conference, if not the league, I don’t see it happening. As T.I. pointed out, there is that nagging Michael Jordan legacy that I think will keep him out of a Bulls uniform. And if Chris […]

Even before LeBron James became a free agent, b-ball fans have been speculating on his next move. It LOOKS like he'll let us know the next team he's with tomorrow night at 9 pm on ESPN. But we want to know, are you tired of LeBron watch? Vote in our poll...

LeBron talks to Larry King about growing up in the projects without a father, his love for his mother, Michael Jordan, the Chicago Bulls and more.

Wow! Cleveland is really going all out to keep this dude. I almost cried! Check out the video.

Check out what Hall-Of-Famer Calvin Murphy says about LeBron's Mom and Delonte West! This is crazy!!!!!

VIA: theybf.com Lebron and Gloria James' lawyer has finally answered the accusations that moms Gloria is getting it in with Bron's teammate Delonte West. Supposedly LeBron found out the news right before game 4 of the NBA playoffs and it was the cause of him not playing well after that. The lawyer fired off a cease and desist letter to the website originally reporting the story and said "no thinking person would believe this story."