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Money Scam

Source: Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images / Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images

Remember spending $10 bucks on a pack of trading cards hoping you would pull a shiny holographic card out the pack? Or a rookie card from your favorite player? Well I hope you held on to those bad boys because they could be worth millions today!

There has been an exponential boom in the world of sports cards that has never been seen before. From physical cards, to the newest craze, the cryptographic assets, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Sports cards have skyrocketed in the digital realm, and it’s NFTs have taken off thanks to NBA Topshot, A platform where you can buy NBA officially licensed digital collectibles. You can purchase a pack starting at just nine dollars. In this starter pack you would recieve three NBA “moments”. It could be a rookies players first NBA points, a breakaway 360 slam on a fast break, or a game winner. A simple nine dollar purchase for a digital pack that is NBA licensed and cannot be duplicated could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Seems like a nice investment to me!

Physical sports cards are being wiped off the shelves of many stores in hopes of landing the authentically autographed, or rookie card of the future stars of todays sports. Consumers are also “quick-flipping” cards by purchasing a box of sports cards at their local convenience stores for a mere twenty dollars, to resell the entire box online for more than quadruple the original purchase amount.

One lucky consumer sold his LeBron James autographed rookie sports card for 1.5 Million dollars! Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, Babe Ruth, and Wayne Gretzky trading cards are in extremely high demands and could land you millions!

But if you don’t have any of those cards do not count yourself out, it’s never to late to start! If you invest twenty dollars into a box of trading cards and land a rookie Zion Williamson card, or a autographed Patrick Mahomes card, you are almost guaranteed to be in great hands.

If you have some trading cards from years ago stashed in the attic or tucked away in mom’s basement from the good ole days, now is the time to grab the swiffer duster! You could have a million dollars waiting for you!