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Friday night on HBO, Drake was a guest on LeBron James’ The Shop. This was the first time we heard Drake speak candidly about his relationship with his child, his child’s mother, Kanye West and the infamous beef with Pusha T.

Kanye approached Drake about being a “mentor” to him, a Quincy Jones producer/ mentor much like Quincy was to Michael Jackson. Kanye told Drake that he needed to “open up” to him, Drake told him about his son.

Drake said he was not mad about Pusha T mentioning his son or mentioning that he was a “deadbeat dad,” that’s all part of hip hop beefs. He did have a huge problem with Pusha talking about his producer/friend “40” and his medical condition, MS. Drake said there are rules to rap beefs, you don’t attack defenseless people.

He said he did write a very cruel response that he never put out. He said he contacted LeBron James to ask him if he would think less of him if he didn’t respond to Pusha.

He also mentioned wanting to have a baby with Rihanna!