Good Times

Thanks to Sony Pictures Television, some of television's most classic shows may be getting a reboot.

Legendary actor John Amos finally talks about his experience on Good Times and why he was fired.

Actor Alton ‘Ben’ Powers has passed away. The Brooklyn-bred actor was well-known for playing Keith Anderson on the show Good Times, which became a staple…

“Damn, damn, damn, James!” Who doesn’t remember the moment Florida Evans cried out when the fact that her husband was dead finally set in? Did you know that most of the emotions that erupted on that episode of “Good Times” stemmed primarily from personal grief because John Amos would no longer be a member of […]

Chat with Bern Nadette Stanis (Thelma from “Good Times”) tonight at 8pm (ET) Like many Black families in the 1970s, the Evans family had to make due with the little that they had. Their living room was a common area by day, a bedroom by night, and Ms. Evans could stretch fish and bread loaves […]

Remember Rodge from "What's Happening", and Thelma from Good Times? Well here is a gallery that pays tribute to those lost but not forgotten African American TV Sitcoms.