I’m so here for this Starz show Power! I love it, even when I can’t sit & watch it on a Saturday night, I’m all up on the DVR situation! Anyway, Lela Loren chats with Chelsea Lately about the show, what it’s like having 50 Cent as a boss & more!

Mike Tyson has been rather entertaining as of lately. This bootleg world tour he’s been on has just been making me LOL. Tyson’s latest stop was by Chelsea Lately where he um decided to tell Chelsea AFTER she told him out of the blue that his feet was ‘really big.’ Tyson has this book anyway, […]

Courtesy of Rap Radar Dot Com Pusha-T stopped by the Chelsea Hander’s show, Chelsea Lately.  He talked MNIMN, Kanye West (Chelsea throws in Yeezy jabs) and being a 36 year old rapper and not being married with any kids.  The interview is funny and can check it out right here. Source

Drake says he’s way past Rihanna and wants something new. Sounds like he wants it to be Chelsea! Take a look…

Snoop Dogg returns to Chelsea to do something for his dogs…Literally!

Did Chelsea Handler go too far by saying Drake was like a “flaming homosexual”? She made the comment right to Drizzy’s face on her E! late night talk show “Chelsea Lately,” after he made fun of himself. Drake and Chelsea were discussing his not-so-masculine drink of choice, white whine spritzer, and he said it made […]

Paula Patton visited Chelsea Lately to promote her new movie “Jumping The Broom” where she talked about her son with husband Robin Thicke and how he has “got to get blacker.” Paula expressed her frustrations that Julian doesn’t look like her; he is blue-eyed and blonde haired and gets mistaken for a Russian kid. Paula […]

Rihanna visited the hilarious Chelsea Handler on The Chelsea Lately Show. Ri Ri talked about performing in Australia and seeing a handful of dark skinned black people and that it’s rare to see them in Australia. Rihanna Says No To “Bodyguard” Remake

Rihanna recently sat down with late-night talk show host Chelsea Handler while over in Sydney, Australia. In a sneak peek of the “Chelsea Lately” interview, the ladies retell a story about Rihanna’s 23rd birthday party that went down last month. According to the host, she thought her invite was a “personal request” for an “intimate […]

Taraji P. Henson appeared as a guest on Chelsea Handler’s “Chelsea Lately” talk show last night, and the two talked about her naked PETA ad, her new Lifetime movie, and what she looks for in a man. Her Lifetime movie, “Taken From Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story,” premieres Monday, January 31st. Taraji Henson Goes Nude […]

Keyshia Cole recently sat down with Chelsea Handler on “Chelsea Lately” to discuss getting pregnant, her fiance Daniel Gibson’s nickname, their wedding, and how she wrote her latest album “Calling All Hearts” before and after meeting him. Keyshia Cole And Baby Daniel Cheer “Boobie” On At Game [PHOTOS] Keyshia Cole Regrets Releasing “I Ain’t Thru” […]

While promoting their album, Last Train To Paris, Diddy & Dirty Money stopped by E!’s Chelsea Lately, hosted by Chelsea Handler, who was less than enthused with Diddy’s late arrival.