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Mike Tyson has been rather entertaining as of lately. This bootleg world tour he’s been on has just been making me LOL. Tyson’s latest stop was by Chelsea Lately where he um decided to tell Chelsea AFTER she told him out of the blue that his feet was ‘really big.’ Tyson has this book anyway, he tells Lately how he used a fake penis to pass a drug test.

“It works really effectively. It just doesn’t work the way you think it works, but it works if you wanna pass a drug test,” he said to Handler during an appearance on her E! talk show on Monday, Dec. 2. “You take it out — it has somebody else’s urine in it, of course — you hope it’s not a woman’s urine and they take a pregnancy test,” the 47-year-old athlete joked.

He then went on to discuss how the drug tester usually looks away once you begin the test anyway. “You just make noise, and normally if you’re a guy and you pull it out in front of them [the drug tester], they’re like, ‘Whoa, whoa,” he said. “And then you do it.”