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Genesis, the adorable four-year-old daughter of Viola Davis, refused to dress up as the popular Disney character Elsa or a pirate. Instead, she wanted to be her Emmy Award-winning mother.

Morris Chestnut is having an amazing career moment right now, between his hit movie The Perfect Guy and his new show Rosewood, which debuts tonight on FOX. But he has no problem giving props to other Black actors, especially the beautiful sisters in primetime television roles. At a screening of his new show in Harlem last week, […]

In her Emmy-winning speech last night, Viola Davis gave a major shout-out to the peers who made her win possible. Black actresses have supported and uplifted…

When we spoke to Meagan Good last week she told us about this hilarious skit she and Jurnee Smollet filmed with “Funny or Die”, which made me excited since I am a huge Eve’s Bayou fan.   Well sure enough here it is, but you tell me if you laughed out loud.  I am about […]