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    Court Radio with My Philly Lawyer

    Court Radio


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    Soulful Sunday w/ Dyana Williams & Derrick Sampson

    Soulful Sunday:  A drift down memory lane with a soulful mix of vintage R&B fused with exclusive interviews with music makers, celebrities and more! (more…)

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    Colby Colb

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    Love And R&B With John Monds

    John Monds


    Get To Know John Monds


    John began his career in broadcasting before he graduated from Clinton High School in North Carolina. After attending East Carolina University, he jumped in the radio business full time. John has hosted radio shows in New York, Philadelphia Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. over the last 25 plus years.


    He has also hosted several nationally syndicated radio programs, including The U.S.A. Music Magazine and Reflections. John was seen as a segment host on the nationally syndicated television show, “Live in Hollywood.”


    He is a two time Music Director of the year for Gavin Magazine and once for Billboard Magazine. He has been nominated numerous times for Major Market Personality of the Year during his long career. John is currently the host of the evening show “Love and R&B”.


    What To Expect From Love And R&B


    “Love and R&B with John Monds” and airs 7pm-midnight EST, Sunday-Thursday. Each night he has an 8p feature with 4 songs centered around the below themes:


    • Sunday Night Classics
    • My Music Monday
    • Tuesday Night Flashback
    • Wednesday Night Mini Concert
    • Thursday Night Special
    • The Scenario
    • The show’s telephone # is 1-844-2LUV-RNB (1-844-258-8762)