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Ariana Josephine, A social media creator passionate about her faith, fashion, beauty and lifestyle, has been receiving a ton of social media attention after posting herself in her Home Depot uniform. “the one job I work at that I get reminded i’m to pretty to work at” Josephine tweeted taking a bathroom mirror pic at the job.Totaling over 35 Million views and counting, Josephine has been the target of all types of reactions, positive and negative. She even got a DM from NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal.

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But she also has started a movement, inspiring a plethora of Home Depot workers who also have been told their looks are above their current positioning in life, or just want to join in on the #HomeDepotBae trend.

Take a look at all the #HomeDepotBaes Below!


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1. The Original ‘Home Depot Bae’

2. #HomeDepotBae

3. #HomeDepotBae

4. #HomeDepotBae

5. #HomeDepotBae

6. #HomeDepotBae

7. #HomeDepotBae

8. #HomeDepotBae

9. #HomeDepotBae

10. #HomeDepotBae

11. #HomeDepotBae

12. #HomeDepotBae

13. Ok Lowe’s! #HomeDepotBae

14. Lowe’s Ladies <3 #HomeDepotBae

15. Hold up! Walmart has entered the chat! #HomeDepotBae

16. #HomeDepotBae

17. #HomeDepotBae

18. #HomeDepotBae

19. #HomeDepotBae

20. #HomeDepotBae

21. #HomeDepotBae

22. #HomeDepotBae

23. #HomeDepotBae

24. #HomeDepotBae

25. #HomeDepotBae