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Gillie Da King has been known as a premier public figure in Philadelphia. ‘The City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection’ offered Gillie just that when he experienced the untimely tragic death of his son YN Cheese

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An outpouring of support came from not only Philadelphia, but from all over the world as musicians, actors, and athletes alike to reached out to GIllie to show their support for their loved one.

Gillie Da King has since been on The Pivot podcast and opened up about his mental journey processing his son’s death. He expressed the pain and anguish that came with the tragedy, but was able to find the silver lining in the event where he says that it was the worst thing that could have happened, was also the best thing.

“The worst time had to be when I washed his body.. You know what I mean? That was the worst… but it was also the best, because I became a man that day.” Gillie explained. “I was a lil a** boy up until that point. I thought I was a man because I did man s***. Pay bills, took care of my family — But that day I became a man”.

He then went into detail about the silver lining about how being in control of his son’s sendoff was the best and most important thing that has happened in his life to-date.

“When I washed my son’s body, it was a gift and a curse — It was a very painful thing to see your son laying there, cold, and stiff. But, I know I sent him off right.”

He also took time to thank those who were there for him every step of the way through this tough time. Freeway was a major contributor to Gillie’s healing process, as he lost both of his children as well.

“I want to thank Freeway, from the bottom of my heart. You was there every step of the way with me brother. Washing my son’s body. The hardest s*** I ever had to do in my f****** life, I will always love you, and respect you.”

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