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Amanda Seales Believes Black America Needs to Come Together for Serious Change


Mornings and Middays collide! We had our morning show host, Amanda Seales, stay after her show for just a few minutes to have a conversation with our midday host Mina Saywhat about her new Political Comedy Documentary “In Amanda We Trust”

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Amanda Seales told Mina it is imperative for people to understand the basics of politics, and Amanda does just that with ‘In Amanda We Trust’. Light-hearted, entertaining, and informative, Amanda Seales takes a comedic ‘deep dive’ into politics in Washington D.C. talking to political officials and the citizens of America about how much they know (or don’t know) about the members of America that govern the way they live.

“On the show I really try my best to find ways to inform, as well as entertain, and then as a comic I do the same thing on stage so with this (documentary) it’s the same vibe” Amanda explained. “I really feel like a lot of folks don’t understand how much they don’t know, and what you don’t know CAN hurt you!”

Amanda also explains the importance of knowing who your officials are at the local level, such as alderman/alderwoman, and how she believes we as black people can make a difference in America if we all rally together under one issue, instead of not voting as a ‘strategy’ to overthrow government.

“There’s nothing radical about not voting if there is no plan behind that” Amanda said. “So you think that you not voting is somehow like a slap to them? Like you got them? They’re STILL going to get the position”

Watch the full interview below!


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