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Join The Amanda Seales Show as we explore therapy, building community, and Hip Hop. Uncover the significance of therapy and its various types and learn how it can shape a better life. Discover the authenticity of Wayne Brady in Jeremiah’s Most Likely Too segment.

Engage in insightful discussions about Building Community, the importance of connecting with neighbors, and the evolving nature of our communities. Dive into the influence of Hip Hop on culture, fashion, business, and the Black Community. Enrich your vocabulary with the Word of the Day, and hear Amanda’s thoughts on therapy and life improvement. Don’t miss the chance to join the conversation on The Amanda Seales Show and experience a podcast that’s all about listening, laughing, and learning!

It’s time to Listen, Learn and Laugh!




  • 2:11 – Group Chat – Have you ever been to therapy?
  • 6:33 – Who needs to go to therapy? Are you willing to do the work to have the life that you want to live? What are the different types of therapy?
  • 10:12 – Amanda shares how useful Therapy is… And we’ll take some calls.
  • 15:46 – Jeremiah’s Most Likely Too – Be who you are – Wayne Brady
  • 18:24 – It’s Group Chat Thursday! We’ll chat it up about Building Community.
  • 21:07 – Building Our Community.. Do you know your neighbors… Do you speak to people in your community?
  • 25:05 – The Reality of Building Community… We’ll talk about the community back in the day versus our community today… What has changed and why?
  • 28:58 – What does the future of our community look like?
  • 34:48 – 60 Second Headlines!
  • 36:16 – We’re celebrating Hip Hop – with our Hip Hop Pop Quiz!
  • 39:23 – The Culture of Hip Hop! How does Hip Hop influence fashion?
  • 43:49 -The Business of Hip Hop
  • 49:09 – How has Hip Hop influenced the Black Community?
  • 53:17 – The Word of the Day!
  • 55:51 – Amanda’s I Be Knowin’… Amanda’s thoughts on therapy, and how to improve your life.
  • 59:42 – Let’s go to the phone lines.





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