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Pooh Shiesty has been sentenced to prison for five years and three months after originally facing 8.

Pooh Shiesty was charged in connection to the gun charge conviction linked to an altercation  outside a Florida hotel in October 2020 that led to a man shot in the butt.

Pooh Shiesty Pleads Guilty to Gun Conspiracy…..Possibly Facing 8 Years

The 22 year old Memphis Rapper, Lontrell Williams, was happy with the decision from U.S. District Judge Kevin Michael Moore in Miami Federal Court in understanding that it could be worst. Shiesty reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors that allowed for a sentence of up to eight years and one month in prison, his lawyer said. In turn, he only ended up with five.

“Listen, nobody’s happy to go to prison, but he was happy the judge listed to our argument,” defense lawyer Bradford Cohen tells Rolling Stone

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