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Firefighters Holding a Hose and Spraying Water

Source: Flying Colours Ltd / Getty

There have been reports today of a burning vehicle in street near 2708 Conestoga Terrace, at the Philadelphia Housing Project apartment complex, Bartram Village.

Last night on Monday September 27, 2021, local residents reported a car explosion.

Footage has appeared on social media accounts from multiple people including the Citizens app and a Philadelphia Instagram news account, NoGunZone.

According to NoGunZone, there was a car explosion that happened outside of the apartment building.

Several videos as posted by NoGunZone and active users of the Citizen’s app captures a parked car in the parking lot area, engulfed in flames. As the video captures the car burning on fire, you can also hear and see when the car actually explodes.

In another video as posted by NoGunZone, you can see the Philadelphia Fire Department extinguishing  the fire.

Another video captured by a woman from another angle shows the the burnt car after it was extinguished. In the video, you can hear a woman saying, “Is this what y’all do? Y’all blowing up cars where people live at?”. She continues with, “Which one of n***as cheated?”

At this time, according to Philadelphia Fire Department sources, “the incident is reported as an auto fire but still under investigation by Fire Marshalls”.

Story continues to develop.


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