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Tierra Whack Drops Unemployed

Source: Nick Canonica, courtesy of Tierra Whack / Nick Canonica, courtesy of Tierra Whack

Philly artist, Tierra Whack is leaving the rap game behind.

Fans seemed shocked when Tierra announced that she was  she quitting music. On an Instagram story, Tierra shared the news and then deleted it shortly after.  “I quit. I’m done doing music,” she wrote.

Around the same time of her story post, she also tweeted,“I ain’t finna ruin nobody else day just cause I’m having a bad one!”

It is not completely clear as to why Tierra took such a harsh stance on intending to quit music, but she did speak out on the importance of mental health. This conversation on mental health has become a very trending and emotional topic as many young talented people in the entertainment industry feel that their mental health is not respected nor understood.

Similarly, tennis player,  Naomi Osaka took the same approach as she withdrew from Wimbledon to focus on her mental health. Many athletes and music figures have also took a protesting stance on mental health reform.

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“Sometimes, you get consumed by everything that’s going on. Sometimes, you just gotta shut everything down and go into your world and your mind,” Tierra told Billboard. “That’s when I’m really like it’s crunch time and I’m working. I’m in the studio, 12 to 12 everyday for two weeks straight. I’m not on my phone. I turn my FaceTime feature off. I’m just in it. There’s so many things that I’ve been through and that I’m going through, I want to put it in the music. I want to give people the real me—the best me.”

It’s honestly shocking that Tierra Whack has had such a change of heart in her music career as just as recent of April, she planned to release more music. “I have so much to offer in terms of styles and genres,” she added. “I never know what I’m going to put out myself. I surprise myself all the time. I think my fans are pretty much prepared for anything. They’re willing to expect the unexpected. That was just the whole outline for me and my career.”