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Sim Santana

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Columbia Records just released part II of their documentary with SimXSantana No Love In The City, which highlighted our very own Paris Nicole (Program Director and on-air personality of Boom 103.9) & DJ Aye Boogie who where some of the first to discover Sim as things really started heating up.

Santana is arguably Philadelphia’s biggest rising star and became a Philly sensation after his viral dance & song “Flexin’ N Flashin“.

Paris Nicole saw the energy of Sim Santana and immediately started showing Sim & the record spins, and we had him up for his first radio interview ever.

From rotation, mixes on the 12’o Clock Day Party with DJ Aye Boogie, our Boom Block Party, Boom 103.9 has been supporting Sim Santana from the start.

He became an icon to the youth of Philly under the management of Mont Brown and was recently signed to Columbia Records.

Sim became an icon for kids all across the city and before you knew it, you couldn’t walk into a bar, party, college scene or turn the dial of you car radio station without hearing Sim’s voice.

In the documentary interview on the rise of Sim Santana, produced by Columbia Records,  Paris Nicole says, “You can’t mention the Philly music scene without mentioning SimxSantana”.

Watch the full documentary on his YouTube channel and see some of our favorite moments with Sim below!