One of the European passengers held hostage by the EgyptAir hijacker decided to take a photo with the criminal.

Katt Williams attended a Beanie Sigel concert in Philly and got into with one of the guys on stage. Of course he didn’t just walk over there and fight the guy, that would be to normal. He had to do it Katt Williams way. So he hunches down like he’s a wrestler hyping his self up and runs across stages and tries […] Tila Tequila is back in the spotlight, but not for the right reasons. Yesterday, she unleashed a series of tweets in which she sought to prove that the world is flat. Tequila claims that the horizon isn’t curved, so neither is Earth. She even alludes to being killed four years ago and has since […]

Even his supervisors categorized him as being “wasted” and promptly sent him back to his hotel room.

Picking your next apartment may have just gotten a lot easier...or harder.

The world is going to sh*t. Social media has become a way of life for millions of 20 and 30-somethings across the world. And while 20-somethings yell “do it for the Vine” or “say what’s up to Snapchat,” social media sharing has gone too far – way too far. Recently, two young millennials made headlines […]

Let me tell you a story of dedication. There’s a guy named Cal, who had a job to do. He had to serve Tyga legal…

An Indiana man is currently behind bars for accepting heroin as a form of rent payment from his roommate. George Allen Feuston Jr. was charged…