When Taylor Swift accepted her Grammy award for Best New Album, she seemed to have  speech ready with shots for Kanye West. Click on the…

Imagine coming out of your house at 4am and there is someone taking pictures of you?! Welcome to Kanye West’s world! I have to side with Kanye on this one. I can’t even imagine having this happen on a daily basis. Especially at 4 in the morning! After watching this video you might be on […]

Last night at the Roseland Ballroom in New York, Kanye West performed at the Adult Swim upfront party. During the performance he broke out is a typical Kanye rant addressing paparazzi and his appearance on SNL. What I respect about Kanye is the fact that he uses his platform to express his freedom of expression […]

D-Block general Styles P, who is known for his extremely agressive rap style, weighs in on the new “skirt” trend. He goes to say he would flip if his 14-year-old son came home with a “Kanye Skirt.” check the video below. Shout out VladTV.com