Ludacris came to visit the Ed Lover & Monie Love fresh off of shooting for “Fast & Furious!” Earlier this year, there were rumors of a vicious rivalry going on between Vin Diesel and The Rock on the “Fast & Furious” set. As with any news of actors bumping heads, we’re not really sure whether […]

Ludacris came to visit the Ed Lover & Monie Love fresh off of shooting for “Fast & Furious!” He discusses how much input he has in the script and other aspects of the film’s storytelling. He explains how he did some extra credit work to bring his character out from his spot behind-the-scenes and into […]


  The drama between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Vin Diesel has gotten so bad that their Fast and Furious co-stars and colleagues have been forced to take sides. The crew of the film has picked their favorite in the alleged beef, and their loyalty lies firmly with The Rock. Earlier this week, Johnson aired his grievances on social media, and […]

Fans of the franchise went crazy on social media, wondering which of the guys The Rock was specifically talking about.

The Fast and Furious franchise is becoming a stalwart in Hollywood cinema.

According to usatoday, Vin Diesel is sending his daughter Hania Riley to classes to train with UFC champion Ronda Rousey. In a recent interview with WENN, Diesel explains his worry for his daughter when she begins to date (in the future). “First of all I feel sorry for anyone that has to (date her). I wouldn’t want that on […]

It looks like Vin’s back to his old ripped self. Last week, Vin Diesel was photographed looking noticeably larger than usual, prompting many to dub his rounder physique the “dad bod.” Now, he’s shutting down the haters via Instagram and it looks like his six-pack is still there. He shared the above photo along with the caption: “Body-shaming […]

Talk about a series. Vin Diesel recently hinted on his Facebook page when the Fast and Furious franchise will finally be ending, and if you’re a super fan…

Vin Diesel might play the tough guy in most of his movies, but there’s one factor that will turn him into a real softie –…

After dominating the box office, the Furious 7 reign is still going, as many are still mourning the loss of the movie’s star, Paul Walker. With…