Drake posted on Instagram about Leonard, “You have always been a poised clinical warrior and I can’t wait to see how Toronto inspires your fight. Let’s Go Raptors.” The Raptors super fan also penned a heartfelt message to DeMar DeRozan, who was traded to San Antonio, saying, “10 million thank you’s on behalf of YOUR […]

No one’s sadder than Drake that the Toronto Raptors are now down 3-2 against the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals. After the Raptors beat the…


Watch the video above to see how these stars made their millions.

Amber Rose might have a new man in her life, and he's an NBA baller.

After making his sports announcing debut, Champagne Papi went on to enjoy the game with the leading lady in his life.

On Monday night (August 3), the “6 God” proved that anyone who dares to step to him will be dealt with accordingly. To preface the…

  Ever since he’s been named as the team’s Global Ambassador, Drake‘s been very involved with the Toronto Raptors basketball team. So much so, the…

Really NBA?! “We talkin bout a shout out, not a game, but a shout out!” Reigning MVP and current Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant was in Toronto attending Drake’s OVO fest. No harm in doing that right?! Well according to the NBA, since Drake is the ambassador for The Toronto Raptors he cannot “recruit”. […]

Damn Drake I thought you were cheering for the Toronto Raptors homie! LOL. I don’t know if Jay-z was behind this one but I hope that he was! Drake was sitting court side and of course camera’s caught him rocking a “Brooklyn Nets” jersey. Even though it was a fake it was still funny though. […]

So it looks like Drake is trying to get at Jay-z! Saturday, the NBA playoffs started and who would’ve thought the Brooklyn Nets & Toronto Raptors would play each other?! Ironically Jay-z has a minor stake in the Nets and Drake is an Ambassador for The Raptors! During the broadcast, Drake says to the commentators […]

Fresh off of “OVO Night” in Toronto, Drake has decided to honor Former Toronto Raptor Vince Carter by having his Jersey lined in the inside of his suit jacket. I can’t even lie, I like it! It’s definitely different! But we wouldn’t expect anything less from “Wheelchair Jimmy”  now would we?!