snoop dog

Funny how Kimberly Guilfoyle had nothing to say when conservatives such as Ted Nugent hurled racial epitaphs and death threats at former President Obama and his family.

At the 1995 Source Awards in New York, Suge Knight accepted the award for Best Motion Picture Soundtrack, which Death Row’s “Above The Rim” was responsible for winning. Suge’s speech was less than a minute long, but he said enough with the tail end to ignite a war: “Any artist out there wanna be artist, […]

One of hip-hop’s O.G.’s, Snoop Dog, has decided to team up with Burger King to help hock their newest menu item…a grilled “hot dog.” Snoop…

When The Eagles  win The Superbowl next year Desean and Snoop have to perform this song!!!

Snoop Dogg returns to Chelsea to do something for his dogs…Literally!

Yo ONLY Snoop could do this!  Rappers do not try this at home!  Snoop Lion appeared with Philly’s own Marc Lamont Hill on Huff Post live yesterday.  Watch as Marc calls himself moving the blunt away from Snoop and as Snoop takes it as a pass and not only sparks the blunt, but KILLS the […]