Here’s the brand new Usher video for his new hit single “Scream”.   His new album Looking 4 Myself, in stores now, has about 5-6 potential hit singles on it and is overall a very well put together project in my own opinion.  Check out the video below and leave feedback in our comments section. Follow […]

I am a diehard Usher fan. So much so that when given the chance to interview him I think I asked 3 questions LOL. I love that he constantly re-invents himself…even if at first I don’t quite get it. This is one of those performances I didn’t quite get but I’m fine with that…everything isn’t […]

Usher is getting ready to put out his 7th album entitled “Looking For You” Usher has been putting music out for over 15 years and he constantly finds ways to re-create and re-invent his sound. I had the pleasure of attending his album listening party and “Scream” along with “Climax” are just the tip of […]