sandra bullock

Hit records, fashion endorsements and being one of the biggest artists in the world is apparently not enough to satisfy bombshell Rihanna, as she continues to fill her already-crowded resume with acting jobs. The latest role Riri has landed is in the all-female spinoff of the popular 2001 film Ocean’s Eleven, which starred George Clooney, […]

Gravity is a drama starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. This exciting new picture is due to hit the big screen October 4th. Check out the trailer below:

The Heat is a comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. This hilarious new picture is due to hit the big screen April 5th. Check out the trailer below:

A good cop & a bad cop female style....

Most people are superstitious in some form or another. Celebrities and athletes have routines to rid their minds of nervous energy before a performance or game. Usher separates bags of M&Ms by color. Missy Elliott will go back to her starting point if a black cat crosses her path. Many do these things as not […]