Ray J is making green on green, he signed a $1 million deal with Fundanna and will serve as the chief strategic media officer for the cannabis crowdfunding company. The singer/actor will make infomercials and encourage his famous and rich connects to invest in the cannabis business which has made him a lot green. Ray […]

For some reason, Ray J decided to spill the tea on his former girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s sex life. Ray J apparently spilled the sexual baggage about Kim while in London hoping to land a spot on the British dance competition show “Strictly Come Dancing.” According to Ray J, Kim kept a “huge Louis Vuitton trunk […]

Princess Love and Ray J confirmed to E!online that they have finally welcomed their baby girl into the world. Ray J let all his fans know that their baby girl was on the way  by posting their tribute video to their daughter on his Instagram account, announcing “IT’S TIME!”

TMZ is reporting that  Ray J and Princess Love will be producing and starring in their own 2-hour VH1 special that leads up to their daughter’s birth. Ray J’s  manager, David Weintraub will produce and appear in the special as well.  

Yesterday, Ray J announced his wife Princess Love was pregnant with their first child. After the news broke, social media went crazy with rumors that his sister Brandy is actually the one carrying the baby. Princess Love shut down the rumors on instagram.

It's been almost five years since Whitney Houston passed away, but the guilt of her death still haunts Ray J.

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  Ray J isn’t one to let bygones be bygones, so it’s no surprise that he’s responding to Kanye West using his likeness in his “Famous” video with overwhelming force. On Monday, the Love & Hip Hop star dropped a new track ethering his ex — and Kanye’s wife — Kim Kardashian, accusing her of […]

Following her performance at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland over the weekend, rumors began swirling that the songstress has a little bun in the oven.

Kanye West has awakened the fame beast that lives in Ray J.

This game of Smash, Marry, Kill, might prove to be particularly difficult for most ladies, whether they are for or against our three contestants: Chris Brown, Ray J and Trey Songz. They are all arguably known to be sex symbols on some level or another, while simultaneously being controversial to some extent. So what do […]

Police have been stationed at Brown's house since 3 am this morning after Baylee Curran, a former pageant contestant, made a 911 call to police, according to TMZ.